RM 480 (negotiable)

Intel Pentium Dual Core D 2.8Ghz
Intel LGA775 Motherboard
512mb DDR2 Memory
120Gb Harddisk
256Mb Asus Geforce 7200GS PCIE Graphics Card
- VGA, DVI, S-Video Output
CD-Writer Drive
4 USB Ports (Rear)
2 USB Ports (Front)
4 SATA Ports
Aztech Wireless PCI Card (WiFi Ready)
Network Port (Streamyx Ready)
Extra Cooling Fan

15" Digital Color CRT Monitor
PS2 Keyboard + USB Optical Scroll Mouse
Fused Power Cord (2pc)

This CPU is just being serviced from inside out, no more dust.
Windows  7 is newly installed.
Antivirus installed. (Free Lifetime Legal License)
List of software installed:
Al-Quran with English & Bahasa Translation

Selling  cheap rather than collecting dust in store room.

Price:  RM 480 (negotiable) 


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