Navitel Navigator with Malaysia & Singapore Map


Running good on A1000.

Main satellite navigation functions:
coordinates of current location;
ETA, heading and distance towards the destination point;
speed and movement direction, altitude above the sea level;
exact time and date;
sunrise and sunset;
stopping & driving time.

Map Features:
Fast zooming and map browsing.
Automatic transition through several maps.
Choice for map display - 3-D or 2-D view, track up, or North up.
3-D style road crossings
3-D buildings

Several map objects search methods available:
Nearest places within a set range.
Cities and objects within cities (by type and by name).
By postal address.
Search by coordinates.

Navigation functions (available with a GPS):
Automatic routing with voice prompts.
Fully customizable Lock-on-road feature.
Speed and heading.
Coordinates (latitude and longitude, altitude above sea level).
Automatic time-zone detection.
Automatic zoom feature.
Proximity alerts. POI warnings (speed cameras, dangers, etc.)
Trip computer: distance passed, time spent, speed, and other.
Track recording, waypoints.
Heading towards the destination point, and ETA.
Information on GPS satellites' status.

Simple, yet functional interface:
Program operation without the stylus pen, particularly useful for drivers (big buttons on the touch screen).
Day and night map views. Customizable skins.
Voice prompts in English
Built-in help.


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