Polnav is an advanced navigation software that make you enjoy your driving experience. The user friendly UI design and in-time voice guidance relieve the stress of your driving in the area where you feel strange. The smart input keyboard eases the input of address. Detailed route information allows you to browse the whole path and estimated arrival time. Every turn you are going to drive through can be viewed either in text or map form. During your driving, the navigation map view allow you to know the current street and city you are in, the next street you are going to turn. The fast pop-up menu eases your operation during the driving. If you like to travel, the itinerary settings allow you to save the journey in advance. More than 10 waypoints can be set for an itinerary.

* Plug-in POI capability
* Destination/Special Location indication
* POI Find per country or around city
* Fast route calculation
* Cross-border routing capability
* Ultra fast reroute
* Itinerary management allowing more than 20 stopovers
* Multi-stop route plan manually or automatically
* Detour to avoid traffic jam
* Find by
> Address, POI, Favorite, Recent, Postcode (also valid for malaysia map)
> Coordinates, Photos (JPEG/EXIF)
* Smart keyboard input
* 3-level POI categories
* Enriched map display
> One-way mark, Z-level, River, Railway, POI
* 3D Landmark (Optional)
* Auto day/night mode change
* 2D, 3D and PIP (Picture In Picture) navigation views
* Precise turn-by-turn guidance
* Crystal voice prompts
* TTS (Optional)
* Speed camera alert
* Over speed alert
* Safe mode
* riving statistics information
* Trail log

* 3D Landmarks
Famous buildings and/or business landmarks can be shown on maps in 3D view.

* Special location
Arrows indication in compass for destination in red and/or special location in green.
Configure one and only one favorite as Special Location, applied for “Mecca” for instance.

* Speed alert
Polnav allows user to enable speed alerts, which will warn you when you exceed the speed alert velocity.
The speed cameras sign will show when there are speed cameras in front of car. The speed camera alert will warn you when the speed camera is along the road. When approaching to the speed camera along the road, user will hear ” two Beeps” sound; when deviating the speed camera, user will hear “one Don” sound. If you are over speed limit, you’ll read the red speed in the bottom right corner and will keep hearing the warning “Beeps”.

* Find by photos
Polnav could use JPEG/EXIF file to get the location. EXIF (EXchangeable Image File) data could save the GPS information in the JPEG file when taking the picture by digital camera.
PS. If the JPEG photo does not include the coordinate data, Polnav will not adapt it and the “OK” button will not be allowed to press.


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