RM370 (negotiable)

Pentium 4 2.8Ghz Hyper-Thread
- 800Mhz FSB / 1Mb L2 Cache
Asrock s775 Motherboard
512mb DDR1 Memory (1pc)
40Gb HDD
CD-Rom Drive
10/100mbps Network Port
Audio Ports: 3 Rear/ 2 Front ( 5.1 Channel Audio)
USB2.0 Ports: 6 Rear / 2 Front
2 SATA 1.5Gbs Ports
15" Digital Color CRT Monitor
Multimedia Keyboard
USB Optical Scroll Mouse
2pcs Fused Power Cords

This CPU is just being serviced from inside out, no more dust.
Windows XP is newly installed.
Antivirus installed (Lifetime License).
List of software installed:
Al-Quran with English & Bahasa Translation
Few Games

a.) Upgradable:
. . to Intel® Core™ 2 Extreme / Core™ 2 Duo / Pentium® XE / Pentium® D , supporting Quad Core Kentsfield processors
* just buy new processor for later upgrade

RM370 (negotiable)


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